Can Toddlers Eat Durian?

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Durian is one of the fruits preferred by the people of Indonesia. Behind its very strong aroma, durian is considered to be one of the fruits that can give its own satisfaction after consumption. Is It Just Okay If Babies or Toddlers Also Eat Durian?

Can babies or toddlers eat durian?

The generally soft texture of durian makes it consumable for everyone. In addition to this, durian is also high in nutrients like natural sugars, protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and others. Consumption can also increase the body’s energy levels.

However, health experts do not recommend that babies or young children consume durian. This is because the natural sugar content is very high, so it is feared that it may have a negative impact on his health.

Babies or toddlers shouldn’t be used to eating foods that are high in salt or sugar. In fact, babies’ kidneys can only process sugar and salt in quantities of less than one gram. That means the kidneys in the bodywork a lot harder when you eat durian.

It could be that this increases your risk of developing kidney disease or high blood pressure later in life. In fact, it is well known that these diseases can lead to premature death.

Additionally, while durian tends to be soft, it is actually quite high in fiber. The pulp of this fruit must also be chewed really soft before swallowing. The problem is, many toddlers don’t chew their food enough. If they consume it, it is feared that it will lead to indigestion or constipation.

Durian also tends to cause a burning sensation in the stomach. If a baby or toddler consumes it, they are feared that they will get a sore throat or insomnia as a result of the condition.

With this in mind, we shouldn’t give durian to babies or young children to prevent health problems from coming to them. Give other fruits that are safer and beneficial for their condition.

Some people are prohibited from eating durian

Health experts refer to durian as a fruit that cannot be carelessly consumed. There are several groups of people who are not recommended to consume durian.

Here are these people.

  1. Already have problems with obesity

Obesity or being overweight is often seen as the harbinger of many other health problems. It is caused by this disease which can lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and others. Patients with this disease are also advised to change their diet or lifestyle in order to lose weight and prevent these health problems.

One of the foods that are not recommended for obese people is durian. This is due to its very high calorie and carbohydrate content. Wrongly, if they eat durian often, their weight will keep gaining weight and the risk of developing chronic diseases will increase.

  1. already suffered from diabetes

Diabetics who can no longer control the blood sugar level in their body are strongly advised not to eat durian. This is because the natural sugar content in durian is very high. It could be that this causes blood sugar levels to rise, which leads to complications.

  1. Have stomach problems

In fact, patients with ulcers can still eat durian as long as the serving or frequency is appropriate and not excessive, but if the ulcers we are experiencing are severe enough, it is better not to eat this fruit anymore.

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