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Grounding practice is very helpful in maintaining the balance of our physical and spiritual bodies. Diagnostically, this body scan will help you become more fully aware of the subtle and less subtle sensations of your physical body. This is an excellent process for identifying all physical stresses and disorders, especially underlying imbalances that you may not be aware of.

Grounding and Pain

The pain can be so intense in one part of the body that imbalances in other parts of the body are overshadowed. A body scan is an exercise in assembling larger pains alongside the smallest details of stress you may be ignoring in your body. It is very helpful to bring our awareness to the less obvious things.

In addition to the obvious benefits of this exercise, sometimes the most painful aches are magically removed from the physique during the body scan process. For example, you can experience temporary relief from a throbbing headache by shifting your focus down toward your feet and away from the throbbing (this will depend on the severity of the injury to your head).

You may be amazed at the discoveries you will make about your body during this exercise. Throughout the body scan process, remind yourself not to rush. Allow twenty five minutes to an hour for this grounding process.

Tips and Advice Before Starting

Don’t rush into this process. Take your time moving up to every part of your body

Don’t touch yourself. Instead, let your mind shift focus from wherever it is and mentally consider your body’s sensations.

Doing this body scan exercise at bedtime will work well for anyone who has trouble falling asleep easily, but for anyone who tends to fall asleep quickly when lying down, sitting up straight in a chair will be a better alternative.

Body Scan Exercise Body Scan

Lie on your back on a bed, sofa or floor. Position your arms and hands comfortably at your sides. Place a pillow or rolled towel under your knees if your lower back needs support.

Start scanning your body by taking your mind off any mental chatter, shifting gears by focusing on your feet first. Do not rush. During this process, you will slowly shift your focus from one part of your body to the next. Let your mind shift focus from wherever it is. Start with your feet and work your way up.

Pay attention to the soles of your feet, your toes, between your toes, the tops of your feet, your ankles, and your heels. Do they feel hot or cold? Are they hurt? Are they numb or swollen? Can you feel the blood running through them? Do they feel tired? Don’t judge why they feel this way, just pay attention to how they feel. Move your toes. How does it feel?

Once you’ve made a firm connection with your feet, move your attention upwards past your ankles, shift all your focus from your feet to your lower leg, then move to your knee cap, behind your knee, your thigh, and so on.

Allow yourself to breathe evenly throughout the scanning process. If you find an area that is uncomfortable (tight muscles, soreness, etc.) or where it feels like a blockage of energy, take two or three deep cleansing breaths to relieve tension or break through energetic blockages.

Once you’ve moved your attention through your body and up your neck, place your focus on your fingertips. Move your attention through the length of the fingers and into the hand (pay attention to the top of the hand and the palm). Continue your energy scanning your arms and shoulders, returning your attention once more to your neck before finishing focusing on the face, ears, and scalp.

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