How do you keep your lungs healthy?

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Lungs are organs that are very important and irreplaceable for our body. Therefore, maintaining the health of this organ is an obligation The lungs are organs in the respiratory system associated with the circulatory system. Insurance Gas/Electricity Loans Mortgage Attorney Lawyer Donate Conference Call Degree Credit Treatment Software Classes Recovery Trading Rehab Hosting Transfer Cord Blood Claim compensation mesothelioma mesothelioma attorney Houston car accident lawyer moreno valley can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis doctorate in security top online doctoral programs in business educational leadership doctoral programs online car accident doctor atlanta car accident doctor atlanta accident attorney rancho Cucamonga truck accident attorney san Antonio ONLINE BUSINESS DEGREE PROGRAMS ACCREDITED online accredited psychology degree masters degree in human resources online public administration masters degree online bitcoin merchant account bitcoin merchant services compare car insurance auto insurance troy mi seo explanation digital marketing degree florida seo company fitness showrooms stamford ct how to work more efficiently seo wordpress tips meaning of seo what is an seo what does an seo do what seo stands for best seo tips google seo advice seo steps

Lungs are organs that are very important and irreplaceable for our body. Therefore, maintaining the health of this organ is an obligation. How to?

The lungs are organs in the respiratory system associated with the circulatory system. The function of the lungs is to exchange oxygen from the air for carbon monoxide from the blood. This process is called breathing. Humans have two lungs, namely the left lung and the right lung. The left lung has two lobes so it is smaller than the right lung which has three lobes. The total length of the airways that pass through the two lungs is 2400 kilometers. Humans need 550 liters of oxygen every day.

The lungs have a very vital function for the body because they do a wonderful job every day. Healthy lungs can provide large amounts of oxygen to the blood. The availability of sufficient oxygen for the body can have a good impact on the body so that it can work and carry out activities properly. A healthy lifestyle can maintain lung health. There is no big step that we will achieve if we do not start from small steps. Here’s a lifestyle that can be applied to keep the lungs healthy:

Quit smoking

    Smoking is a major cause of serious lung diseases such as lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Smoke from cigarettes contains more than 400 harmful chemical compounds and 50 of those compounds are known to cause cancer.

    Stay away from cigarette smoke

    Did you know that two thirds of cigarette smoke is not inhaled by the smoker, but enters the air around the smoker. A person who is not a smoker but inhales cigarette smoke has the same risk of disease as a smoker. Here are some things that can be done to avoid passive smoking is to prohibit smokers to smoke in the house, car or work environment.

    Wash hands with soap and water.

    It is estimated that hands can spread 80 percent of infectious respiratory diseases such as colds and flu. The risk of being infected with viruses and bacteria can be avoided by washing hands before every meal, after eating and after defecating.

    Avoid air pollution and keep the air clean.

    Indoor and outdoor air pollution can cause health problems, especially for someone who has lung disease. Air pollution can irritate or destroy lung tissue. Even low levels of air pollution can cause health problems. Some things you can do to keep the air clean:

    ?Outdoor environment

    – Do not leave the car engine running when not in use.

    – Do not use pesticides and other chemicals in the yard and garden.

    – Using public transportation.

    Indoor environment

    – Maintain humidity in the house by using exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen for air circulation.

    – Regularly cleaning household appliances.

    – Maintain the cleanliness of the floor, bathroom and kitchen.

    – Keep sofas, mattresses and pillows clean from dust.

    – Maintain air circulation in the room.

    Doing physical activity

    Doing physical activity regularly for at least 30 minutes every day such as aerobics and swimming can maintain lung health, maintain emotional stability and help manage stress.

Often we do activities without realizing the negative impact in the future. Here are some of the damage to the lungs that often occurs due to several things, such as:

    Exposed to cigarette smoke (active smokers and passive smokers). Here are some of the disadvantages of smoking:

    – Smoking can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

    – Smoking can interfere with blood flow

    – Smoking causes high blood pressure

    – Smoking causes lung diseases ranging from bronchitis to cancer.

    – Smoking is the cause of asthma

    – Smoking reduces sleep quality

    – Smoking is one of the biggest causes of lung cancer.

    Exposed to motor vehicle fumes. Motor vehicle fumes contain carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and lead compounds.

    Viral and bacterial infections.



Here are some diseases that can cause damage or problems in the lungs:

    Pneumonia: bacterial infection of the alveoli.

    Tuberculosis: infection with the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

    Swelling of the lungs: leakage of fluid from the small blood vessels of the lungs into the air sacs and their surroundings. This can be caused by heart failure and back pressure of the pulmonary veins, and direct injury to the lungs.

    Lung cancer.



    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

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