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The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), a law created in 1986, gives workers (and members of their family) who lose their health insurance benefits the right to continue their group health insurance for a limited period of time under circumstances such as voluntary or involuntary job loss, reduction in hours, the transition between jobs, divorce, adoption, and death.

Generally, the employee pays up to 102% of the premium cost for the same policy; this is still usually less expensive than buying an individual insurance policy.

There are three basic aspects for qualifying for COBRA: the qualifying event, the insurance plan coverage, and the qualified person.

Each aspect is taken into consideration when applying for COBRA and you must elect to either apply for COBRA
or waive your rights to COBRA within 14 days after a qualifying event.

You must also have been in the group insurance plan during your employment to be eligible. Although there are exceptions, generally you may continue to pay your own premiums to keep COBRA coverage intact for up to 18 months.

Companies that have fewer than 20 employees, State or Federal employers, or employee organizations may not offer COBRA coverage.

Check with your health insurance administrator to see if you may qualify. You may also have this information
readily available in your group health insurance policy or in your company handbook.

Although it may be expensive, the cost of being able to keep your group insurance coverage rate may be well
worth it.

The Benefits of Mock Interviews

Are you currently unemployed and looking for a job? Even if you are employed right now, are you looking to change jobs or careers? If so, you may soon start examining all available job openings in your area, as well as submit job applications or resumes for those openings. With luck, you will soon find yourself with a number of scheduled interviews.

Speaking of job interviews, when was the last time that you had one? If it has been awhile since your last job interview, you may want to consider doing a few practice runs. These practice runs are commonly referred to as mock interviews. Although mock interviews may seem a little bit silly, there are a number of benefits to doing them.

One of the benefit to doing mock interviews before a real job interview is your options. Most job seekers try to use their friends and family members for practice. If this an approach that you would like to take, you will want to have your partner ask you common job interview questions, such what your strengths and weaknesses are. Be sure to answer with professional responses, just as if you would in real job interview. You can also do a mock interview in front of your mirror. While this approach isn’t as realistic, it can help you practice your intended interview questions.

Another one of the many benefits to doing mock interviews, before you have a real interview, is the practice that you will receive. It is no secret that job interviews can be nerve-wracking. Even if this isn’t your first job interview, they can still cause you nervousness. Many job seekers find that holding mock job interviews with their friends or family members helps to ease the nervousness often associated with job interviews. In fact, many also have reported a slight increase in confidence.

Preparation is another one of the many benefits of mock interviews. The goal of a mock or practice interview is to help you prepare for an upcoming job interview. This preparation may include answering common interview questions in a timely matter, giving a proper greeting, as well as departing properly from a job interview. If this is your first job interview or if you haven’t attend a job interview in awhile now, you may be unsure as to how the process will proceed. Mock interviews are not only a great way to calm your nerves, but they can also give you guidance, which can help you sail through your next job interview like a breeze.

If you are able to do a mock interview with a close friend or family member, you may get a number of pointers. Using other individuals, especially those who are known for their unbiased opinions is the best way to examine your job interview approach. If your friends or family members have any suggestions, like tips on how you can improve your answers, you may want to consider their suggestions. In, fact, you may learn something new or important by doing a mock interview with your friends or family members.

As outlined above, there are a number of benefits to doing a mock interview with a close friend or family member. As a reminder, it is also possible for you to practice in front of a mirror, but you may have the best luck with someone who can give you feedback or provide you with helpful suggestions.

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