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CRAFTAR, which supervises computer animation manufacturing for “Also If the Globe Ends Tomorrow” and also “INGRESS THE COMPUTER ANIMATION”, has formed a strategic partnership with LDH JAPAN, a home entertainment firm and entertainment company. On April 19, 2021, Crafter introduced that it had actually created a “TOKYO POP” LLP (Limited Responsibility Partnership) with LDH JAPAN.
With LLP, the two companies will create content such as films, programs, distribution, games, and academic products making use of digital artists. Aiming for the future generation of entertainment companies. On April 19, it was additionally revealed that the craftsman would supervise the animation of the task “BATTLE OF TOKYO” based on the preferred unit member Jr.


LDH’s EXPATRIATION. Crafter was established in 2011 as an animation company of the Hakuhodo Team making use of CG. Its stamina is its special modern technology called “smart CG animation” which integrates motion capture. Along with “Also If the Globe Ends Tomorrow” and also “ACCESS THE COMPUTER ANIMATION”, he plans and also creates videos and also commercials.
It is additionally known that animation director Kenji Kamiyama is the representative supervisor and also co-CEO. Currently, a new original function size animation composed by supervisor Kenji Kamiyama to honor the 30th wedding anniversary of WOWOW remains in production. It is set up to be released in 2022. With the announcement of “BATTLE OF TOKYO”, other large jobs will certainly be included.

LDH JAPAN started in 1991 with the formation of the dancing system “J Soul Brothers”. After that, he entered into various businesses such as artist management, event management/planning, clothing, merchandise, school education, and food and beverage, and also built a big company team.
“BATTLE OF TOKYO” will be the big enjoyment task of the group where lots of artists are. The story unravels in TOKYO, which remains in a different dimension from the actual globe. Go for the hit after the “HIGH & LOW” collection.
The key resource for this project is the computer animation by the crafter. At the same time by personifying the expression of photos from various dimensional worlds, we aim to expand appeal with computer animations that are acquainted to youngsters.
At an interview held at United Movie theater Aquacity Odaiba, Tokyo on April 19, 38 members of Jr. EXILE released a video into the CG anime characters as well as the job’s initial anime music video. We prepare to proceed to work with real and digital tasks in the future.

Animation studio Crafter revealed Sunday that it is developing a strategic partnership with Japanese enjoyment firm LDH, collectively developing a restricted obligation partnership with Tokyo Pop (not to be puzzled with the American publisher Tokyopop).

The firm’s first cooperation together as Tokyo Pop will certainly be the “mixed fact amusement” project Battle of Tokyo, which will certainly see Craftar make use of movement capture modern technology to create “real-time animation” for music video clips. The video clip will certainly utilize 38 3D designs all based upon participating artists.

Japan’s LDH likewise announced the Fight of Tokyo. The project will certainly have a musical partnership with the musician, novels, anime, games, and also various other upcoming content “Jr.EXILE Sedai” (Jr.EXILE Generation).

Craftar is Hakuhodo’s internal movie studio. The firm formerly worked together with Marza Animation World to produce a brief 13-minute adjustment of the Moom Genki Kawamura photo publication. The company produced the computer-animated brief series Uchū Neko Mardock no Bōken and Pâtisserie no Beast in 2016. The business generated the 3D web CG anime The Loved one Globes in 2017, as well as launched a movie version in 2019. The firm is additionally producing a tv anime adjustment of Niantic’s Access Game. in 2018.

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