Problem, Nvidia Recommends Remove Update KB5001330

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Problem, Nvidia Recommends Remove Update KB5001330 – As usual, there is definitely a fix there is also a problem, and in update KB5001330 released as part of this patch tuesday april 2021, it seems to cause a problem in users, where many users experience performance issues especially in the game after getting this update.

Even reported from Neowin, in tests conducted with the Intel Core i9-9900K, 32 GB of RAM, they found mouse lag at certain conditions when playing videos, and stutter on gameplat a number of game titles on Steam.

Regarding this, even Nvidia itself recommends users to remove the KB5001330 update from their devices, if they want to find a smoother gaming experience.

However, unfortunately even after it is deleted, the update will be downloaded automatically after the user reboots and reconnects to the Internet, but as a precautionary measure to prevent the system from ignoring the update, users can use an app called wushowhide that you can download on the following majorgreek page.

Next exactly as in the picture above, please select update KB5001330 or KB5001337, and follow the steps requested in the app, after completion Windows should ignore the update you selected.

Of course, once again many users expect Microsoft to fix this update soon, considering that quite a lot of users who use Windows to play games, it will be a pity when their device is experiencing performance problems due to a small update.


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