Microsoft Is Creating a New App Store For Windows 10

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Microsoft Is Creating a New App Store For Windows 10 – As we already know, Windows 10 already has its own App Store called Windows Store which was later converted into Microsoft Store, however, the App Store is still very unpopular considering there are a number of drawbacks present in this app.

For example, such as discounts from useless apps that don’t make sense, and Microsoft Store pages that are still not good to look at.

Regarding this, reported from Windows Central, Microsoft is reportedly working on a new App Store for Windows 10 that will introduce a more modern and fluidlook, as well as bring new policy changes for developers before releasing their applications to the App Store.

A little we discussed about the new policy, this I think is very necessary, because with it Microsoft can set how it looks, the size of the application icon released by the developer to the App Store, so that all the applications that users see seem consistent. and makes it easier for users to navigate the new App Store.

In addition, it is rumored that the new App Store will continue to get updates every month, including new features and new improvements. This is certainly a good thing, considering it is quite important that users get the quality of the applications available in this new Store. The disadvantage of course users should be ready when there are new updates that may be large enough for users to download and get.

According to Windows Central sources, there are reportedly three major changes coming to the new App Store, including:

  • Allows developers to send un packing Win32 applications to the Store.
  • Allows developers to host applications and updates to their content delivery network (CDN).
  • Encouraging developers to use third-party trading platforms within the app.

Okay, a little we discussed in the first part of the list above, “Microsoft allows developers to submit raw Win32 applications” in other words, developers can directly send files .exe or .msi to the Store without having to make code changes in their applications.

Well even so, it may still take a while for us to see this new App Store, and I myself am quite curious about what it will be like, will it be better than the Microsoft Store? Hmmm hopefully.

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