A Bad News For “Free” LastPass Users

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A Bad News For “Free” LastPass Users – A bad news for us Users of LastPass freebies, which some time ago it was rumored that starting March 16, 2021, LastPass will eliminate the essential capabilities of their platform specifically for free account users.

Regarding this, as we know that LastPass has and offers access to two types of devices, namely Mobile (including Smartphones, Tablets and others), and Computers (PC and Laptop), for now the sync process between the two can run simultaneously, where you can use LastPass on two different devices simultaneously, even when you add passwords on the Mobile Device for example , then automatically on the computer device will immediately synchronize what we add.

However, with regard to the new LastPass policy that will start on March 16, 2021, later free users are only allowed to access on one device, for example, if I use LastPass on a Mobile device (iPhone for example), then I can not access LastPass on Desktop or Laptop, otherwise.

In addition, the synchronization capability will also no longer be possible, and you will have to pay for a premium account just to synchronize passwords between device types.

Well more or less this policy is quite annoying in my opinion, because directly we are forced to use only one type of device, or we have to pay about 3 USD to get a premium account per month.


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