Sorrow Using Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

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Sorrow Using Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC – It’s been some time I tried and used Windows 10 LTSC, the intention is just to try it, but it turns out that after a long time I think, I am quite comfortable with this edition of Windows 10, besides being very suitable for my work, this edition I think is very stable and less bugs compared to Windows 10 Pro that I have been using for a long time.

Well on this quiet and rainy sunday night, I will tell you a little about the Joys and Sorrows of Using Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC.. So Lets go..

What is Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC?

If you’ve read WinPoin’s article about Getting to Know windows 10 Enterprise Edition ‘LTSB’ (Long Term Servicing Branch),more or less ltsc edition is the same as LTSB where users can set Windows Update deeper, the availability of many Bloatware and the absence of UWP applications, it’s just that Microsoft changed its name from Branch to Channel at the end of the sentence.

Whereas if interpreted in theory, this ltsc version is a special version that Microsoft developed with a long support period, which of course with this system stability becomes more mainstream than the new features. For its own update support, Windows 10 LTSC gets a 10-year support period, five years of mainstream updates, and another five years of extended updates.

However, a little information, with the new policy that will begin in 2021, Windows 10 LTSC Will Only Be Supported For Five Years only, covering three years Of Mainstream Update, and two years Extended Update.

The reason why I use this version?

One of the main reasons I use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC and replace the Windows 10 Pro I use is because I don’t really need new features in Windows 10 for my daily activities.

Besides that I’m also not very dependent on UWP for my daily apps, well except Torrex Pro and Slack, but I guess besides those two I’ve never even opened any other apps.


There are a number of things I like about using this Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, including:

1#. Not much bloatware

In this version, there’s no such thing as a UWP app, including Candy Crush Saga that always appears in the Start Menu, and even apps like Xbox, Snip & Sketch, Calculator, Movies, Groovy Music, and others aren’t available either.

In exchange for the omitted UWP, in this version some applications are replaced with Win32 applications, such as the old calculator for example.

2# Better performance

Entah hanya perasaan saya saja, namun mungkin karena efek dihilangkannya beberapa aplikasi bloatware dan service yang mencakup OneDrive dan lainnya, performa di Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC yang saya gunakan ini lebih ngebut dibandingkan dengan Windows 10 Pro 20H2 yang saya gunakan sebelumnya.

Mulai dari animasi buka tutup aplikasi, loading sign in, dan beberapa hal umum lainnya saya rasa aman dan tanpa ada perasaan lambat yang cukup mengesalkan.

Dari segi resource usage, saya rasa hampir tidak ada perbedaan dengan Windows 10 20H2, hanya saja memang entah kenapa rasanya Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC ini lebih mulus saja berjalannya.

3#. Can set Windows Update more maximum

If in Windows 10 Pro we can only set Windows Update with limited options, in this version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, we can even turn off Windows Update completely.

In fact, you won’t be forced to update twice every year like in Windows 10 Home and Pro, considering that the new version of Windows 10 LTSC will be released every three years.

4#. Stable

Well this is the most important thing I need, a stable system, with the version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 that I use in this Asus K401UQK, no more problems Wifi Bugs arrive disconnect itself, no more sound problems that arrive crashes, and some other bugs that I have had time to discuss when I was using Windows 10 2004 first.

If you need an OS that you can take seriously, in addition to Linux and Mac that tend to be more Stable, Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC is the Windows 10 OS that I think fits that category the most.


1#. Not quick to get new features

Here I use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 which is based on Windows 10 RS5 or Windows 10 1809, in addition to the main features present in that version, there are no new features from the above version, such as Rename virtual desktop, Meet now, News & Interest and some other new features.

To be honest with me, as long as there is Dark Mode, and Clipboard History that was presented in version 1809, the absence of new features such as those present in the 1903 version and above is not a problem.

Regarding this, if you are a user who is more likely to want new features and new experiences, of course Windows 10 LTSC will not be suitable for you, because new features will be released every three years.

2#. UWP does not exist

In the absence of UWP, that means there is no Microsoft Store, and of course the Windows 10 experience will not be cool, you can not download games, applications and other things. In other words, you’ll need to freeze with the Win32 app only.

3#. License

Well this is one thing that is quite troublesome, because Microsoft did not release this version to the public, then there is no type of Retail license, but there is only a Volume License intended for Commercial Licensing. In other words, you can’t buy this license carelessly.

But if you are part of a company that has purchased a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC license, then of course the license issue is not an issue.


Well not much likes and sorrows during my use of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, but the point is if you are a person who wants an os that can be taken seriously, does not need new features, and want a stable system, this OS is suitable for you to try, but for those of you who want new features, newer driver support, and licenses that you easily get , then the Home or Pro version is the most suitable for you to use.

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