Google, Microsoft, and Others Join The Project To Improve Browser Compatibility!

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Google, Microsoft, and Others Join The Project To Improve Browser Compatibility! – An interesting information comes from Google and Microsoft, because based on the latest news, they along with a number of other companies have joined a project called Compat2021.

In this community, the goal is to improve compatibility in various web browsers, focusing on five main sections that attract complaints from the developer community, including CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, CSS sticky positioning, the CSS aspect-ratio property, and CSS Transforms..

Quoted from Neowin, CSS Flexbox is a very widely used feature, but can cause images to be stretched incorrectly in different browsers. Flexbox CSS is the main focus of Compact2021 as it is a major issue in the MDN Browser Compatibility Report in 2020, in addition to being the most widely used and well-known feature in the State of CSS report. Currently, 85% of browsers pass tests for such features, and appear in 75% of page loading in Chrome.

Another widely used feature in the list above is CSS Transforms, which appears in 80% page loading in Chrome. This one only has a 55% test rate passed on the web platform test, so it may take a few more jobs to get each browser at the same level.

In essence, the cooperation and collaboration of various companies including Google and Microsoft in Compact2021 is to improve the quality of the web browser with perfect compatibility, where there are no problems with each other and compatibility problems when opening a similar page.


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